The growing opiate addiction in this country is quickly becoming the most urgent topic that we as a nation have before us today. The number of overdose deaths last year alone was higher than all of the five previous years combined, and the prediction for next year is looking grimmer with each passing day. The massive amount of scrutiny that prescription medications are under right now is helping to forge the path to discussions about alternative medical treatments that may help people get away from prescription pharmaceutical drugs. While opiate addiction is the main driving force behind the public’s current dismay with prescription drugs, there are many other types of prescriptions which people want to avoid today. In this article we will look at why medical cannabis is becoming such a popular alternative to traditional prescription drugs.

Medical cannabis is a cheaper way to treat many serious medical problems. The average prescription user will tell you that relief doesn’t come cheap from the world of prescription drugs. In this country we pay almost fifteen times as much for prescription drugs as do other developed nations, and that is a huge burden for most average Americans. Many people have started turning to alternative healers such as, as a way to try and escape the crushing weight of prescription drugs. There are currently more than ninety different medical conditions which can be treated safely using medical cannabis, and that means a huge number of people could save a ton of cash by making the switch over from prescription drugs. Everyone from chronic pain sufferers, all the way to people with serious sleep problems stand to benefit from a medical marijuana prescription. As the word continues to get out about the cost saving possibilities of medical cannabis, there will be more and more people that decide to finally escape the grasp which the big pharmaceutical companies have on them.

Another good reason why people are seeking medical cannabis instead of traditional prescription drugs is due to the lower instances of side effects. Doctors have a hard time managing their patient’s health issues, and even more so when they have to start to manage the side effects of the medications their patients take. In many cases, the side effects that come along with some prescription drugs are even worse than the illnesses they are meant to treat. There have been many high-profile cases involving patients that have died after taking a medication in order to treat something as simple as a skin rash. Medical cannabis has no dangerous side effects known to people, and no matter how much of it is taken the patient can’t overdose. The use of medical cannabis instead of prescription drugs is a huge cause of relief to patients and doctors alike. Every time the news reports on a new drug which had to be recalled due to dangerous side effects discovered after people on it were harmed, thousands of people decide to start using alternative medicines such as medical cannabis for their health issues.