If you have met with custom jewelers and looked at what seems like thousands of engagement rings and picked one out the next The Diamond Reservestep is to propose. Looking at all of those engagement rings probably seemed easy compared to the next step of proposing. If you are concerned that you are going to mess it up, read these top proposal mistakes to avoid.


The first mistake to avoid is not making the proposal unique or romantic enough. Even if you are not the romantic type your significant other probably is. Asking your significant other while you are just hanging out watching TV probably is not the best time. Your significant other will probably assume you are not serious and blow it off. Instead, try to think of a place that is special to your relationship and do it there.


The next mistake to avoid is doing the proposal in public if your significant other is a more private person. If your significant other is more of a private person they may not like sharing the special moment with so many others. If that is the case avoid dropping down on one knee at a basketball game. However, if your significant other loves the attention then go for it.


The third mistake to avoid is bad timing. If your significant other is under the weather that might not be the best time to propose. Also, if they are stressed out about work or school that might not be the best time either. They should be in a fairly good mood.


Another mistake to avoid is hiding the ring in food of some sort. A lot of people take their significant other out to a restaurant and put the ring in a piece of cake. But what if they accidentally eat it or choke on it? That would not be a good start to your engagement. It is best to keep the ring in your hand or else in the box it came in.


The next mistake to avoid is telling too many people about your proposal plans. If you tell a lot of people that you are planning to propose to your significant other you run the risk that one of those people will accidentally tell your significant other the news. Also, some people are not good at hiding secrets so your significant other may notice one of your friends acting strange and then force the information out of them. This will ruin the surprise.


The final mistake to avoid is mishandling the ring. When you propose you might black-out because of the nerves. However, you need to stay focused and make sure you hand her the ring and not just the box. This will not be very romantic and might confuse your significant other quite a bit.


In the end when it comes to proposals just remember to relax and think of your significant other. Think of what they would enjoy and how they would want to be proposed to. Everyone has different preferences. Even if you do mess up it’s not that big of a deal.