are lots of popular things that don’t contribute to a better society. Pet rocks were a fad a few decades ago, and while they may have brought joy to some people, they certainly didn’t change the world for the better. Fidget spinners are great for kids with ADHD or anxiety disorders, but the fact that every child under the age of ten has dozens of them isn’t exactly improving the world. That’s not to take away from these things and their entertainment value. Not everything that everyone does has to be for the greater good or to benefit society as a whole. It’s just important to take things for what they are, and for most fads that means just chalking up their popularity to their entertainment value.

However, there are some things that become incredibly popular not only because they’re entertaining and fun to use, but also because they’re actually improving the world. Ebikes belong in this group. Ebike is short for electric bike, a bicycle that’s powered not only by someone pedaling it but also by the electricity generated by pedaling that’s stored in a battery. Ebikes can be pedaled just like normal bikes, only that pedaling helps to create energy that ends up being stored in a battery. That battery can then power the bike as well, making it easier for people to go up steep hills or to travel great distances.

Just like with any type of bike, ebikes are fun to ride. Also just like regular bikes, they’re helping to improve the world by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Where ebikes differ from regular bikes is that they’re a much better replacement for a car. This is the case for two reasons. First off, because they’re also powered by an electric motor, they make biking great distances much easier. It’s a lot easier to bike 10 miles on an ebike because you only have to pedal for a fraction of that. Thus, you can actually substitute an ebike for a car because you’re able to cover greater distances in a shorter period of time. On top of that, because they’re much easier to ride, they’re great for people who aren’t in the best shape. For some people, biking 10 miles on a regular bike is easy. For others, it’s incredibly hard. Ebikes even the playing field. Thus, they’re a great replacement for cars because even people who are older or not in as good of shape can use them to bike to and from work or to run errands.

As with regular bikes, there are all sorts of bike accessories that people can buy for their ebikes. They can add an extra seat for a child to sit in, or they can add a bunch of lights so that they can ride at night. Ebikes are becoming much more popular these days, which is a good thing not only for people’s entertainment and fitness, but also for the planet. Check out the ebikes at stores like Small Planet EBikes the next chance you get.