After you have gone through and tried all the options to alleviate the pain associated with sciatica the next option may be to undergo sciatica surgery. While most people can get better with rest or medication, sometimes sciatica surgery is the only option for some. Also, if the pain is unbearable and makes you immobile, surgery may be the answer.


If you have spent a few months resting and on different treatment options and you are still experiencing pain, your doctor will most likely talk to you about undergoing surgery. Also, some people lose control of their bowel movements, in which case you would need surgery right away, the doctor would recommend this first over any other treatment options.


sciatica surgeryThe first surgery option for sciatica is discectomy. This is the most common surgery for sciatica. This is where the surgeon removes whatever is pinching the nerve causing the pain. The surgeon will try to only remove the smallest piece that is causing the pain but sometimes they have to remove the entire disk. After the surgery, you will be able to go home the same day. Most patients who undergo this surgery will experience pain relief so it is a great option for those who have not had relief from medications or physical therapy.


Another surgery option is laminectomy. This surgery involves the surgeon removing the lamina that is pinching the nerve that is causing the pain. The lamina is part of the body that covers the spinal cord. This surgery is a little more intense than the previous and you may have to stay in the hospital an extra day. You will also not be able to walk for a couple days. However, if the patient is not healthy this type of surgery will most likely not be an option. This type of surgery can be combined with a discectomy as well. And most patients will have pain relief after the surgery.


Again, sciatica surgery is most likely your last option unless the pain is unbearable or you are losing the ability to control your bowel movements. The decision to have surgery should be based on the pain that it is causing you and if it not able to be treated by medications or physical therapy. You should discuss this with your doctor to see if sciatica treatment is the best option for you.
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