Cannabis and its active components, cannabinoids, have been used for their medicinal properties for millennia. Despite this, its use as a therapeutic agent continues to arouse today a broad scientific and social debate. In this context, Apothekare in San Diego California offers rigorous and objective information in the hands of qualified professionals, as well as a wide range of products and services to people interested in knowing the potential of medicinal cannabis.

Our center has specialized medical consultation and products based on the properties of hemp and different cannabinoids.

In our center you can find a section of nutrition based on hemp and a wide range of products for skin care and different types of ailments, such as gels, creams, ointments, scrub and massage oils, mouthwash.

A medical marijuana dispensary, also called “collective growth,” “medical marijuana club,” or “medical marijuana clinic,” is a place where patients can go to get medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is usually obtained by approved patients, from medical marijuana dispensaries or cooperatives.┬áIn these operations it is often prohibited to collect money for the sale of the drug, but usually they are authorized to charge membership fees or other types of commissions to people who obtain their medical marijuana there.

In most states, medical marijuana dispensaries, clubs, clinics, or collectives are authorized and regulated by county or city ordinances, although the State Attorney General’s Office reserves the legal power to pursue criminal action in accordance with state law. This system can result in a confusing mosaic of regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries, which vary from city to city or from county to county.

Cities often impose restrictions on places where medical marijuana dispensaries can be legally located, their hours of operation, how they should operate, and other standards. California lawmakers have said that in order to comply with state law, medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives must operate as non-profit organizations, verify that members are qualified patients, and maintain member records and applications.

Hawaii does not allow the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, clinics, or cooperatives and instead requires medical marijuana patients to receive the medication directly from a physician, primary caregiver, or other medical professional.

We have a good selection of treatments with CBD (cannabinoid without psychoactivity) , sublingual oils, capsules, glass, kief. All our products are based on natural hemp and other natural products, without chemical agents or parabens and have not been tested in animals.

We also have a small selection of vaporizers, since we are aware that smoking is one of the worst habits for the health of our body.

And finally, a selection of books and information of different types, both to consult in our center as well as to acquire in our store.

In our center, we are concerned so that everyone has access to information on natural treatments based on cannabis, for which we work with qualified doctors, a doctor specializing in endocannabinology, offering a counseling service to people interested in learning more about the medicinal potential of cannabis, its effect in certain diseases, as well as the guidelines and recommended routes of consumption.

Our specialized doctor in endocannabinology will be available to consult any person Please, as long as our patients have previously presented a medical diagnosis that certifies that they suffer from a condition susceptible to being treated with cannabis.