Electrochromic windows provide us with a wide range of benefits at present and are amongst the most interesting types of window replacements which you can think of. You simply need to run an electric charge through the glass in order to tint it to different degrees. It will help to make your life more convenient by blocking out the sunlight and also enhancing your privacy.

How do Electrochromic Windows Work?

There are mainly a couple of methods which are used for controlling the tinting these days. The first method is to apply a number of thin ceramic material layers which use electric voltage to darken the window, and also lightening them by reversing.
The other process will be to use a liquid crystal SPD (suspended particle device). Approximately 90% of the sunlight is blocked by the particles which are suspended in a solution in between the glass plates and move quickly while colliding in their natural state. These particles align safely once they become energized and allow the light to get in thereafter.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we’re going to mention the top 2 advantages of using electrochromic windows.
1. Enhance Privacy
As mentioned before, electrochromic windows will help to increase your privacy to a great extent. This can be achieved by varying the tinting levels to different degrees according to your preference. You may like to maintain some privacy while enjoying the view from your window, and in that case, you may tint the window only a bit. In this way, although it will be possible to see outside, the passerby will not be able to casually glance into your residence and observe clearly what is going on inside.
On the contrary, you can make the glass completely opaque in case you would like to mention complete privacy. This will prevent anybody from seeing inside your residence even from a very close distance. In this way, you’ll be able to safeguard your house from burglars and thieves in the long run.
2. Blocking out Sunlight
The second most significant advantage of using electrochromic windows is that they can block out sunlight effectively that should be appropriate for you in case you’d like to snooze during the day. Although curtains are more inexpensive, they will be able to prevent only 70% of the sunlight from entering your room. On the other hand, electrochromic windows can block more than 95% of the light. Consequently, these windows can play an important role in keeping your room cooler which will curtail the use of your air conditioner thus reducing your monthly bill expenses.
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