shouldn’t be surprising to anyone living in the year 2017 that it’s now possible for people to have their cannabis delivered to their home. You can have pretty much anything delivered these days, from any sort of consumer goods to groceries. You can even have a car delivered to your home. Thus, it shouldn’t be shocking given how many states have legalized marijuana use in some form or another that there are now companies out there who will deliver their marijuana to their consumers’ doorsteps.

As you might also be able to imagine, not all of these cannabis delivery companies offer the same level of service. As with any other industry, some companies are better than others, and if you’re a conscientious consumer then you want to find one of the better ones. To help you find the best marijuana delivery company, here’s a list of four things you should be looking for in them.

1. Experience. Given that it’s a new industry, no company out there is going to have that much experience. So, instead of looking for experience in the marijuana delivery space, look for companies that really know their marijuana. Ask the owners or employees how long they’ve been working in the marijuana industry, and see what the company has been doing before it started offering its delivery services. The more experience they have in the marijuana industry, the more they’re going to know about marijuana, and the person who’s going to benefit from that the most is going to be you.

2. Affordable. Obviously, you want to find a company that’s going to deliver your marijuana to you at a price that’s affordable. There’s going to be a delivery fee, as with anything, but you don’t want that fee to be so much that it negates the convenience of having it delivered. Figure out what you’d be willing to pay to have your marijuana delivered to you, and then see what the rates are of the various companies out there. Flash Buds offers great rates if you need a suggestion on a company.

3. Discretion. The last thing you need is for your neighbor’s kids to steal your marijuana off your porch. Thus, you want to find a delivery company that discreetly marks all of their packages so that no one in your neighborhood will know what they’re delivering to you. Most people don’t have a problem with marijuana anymore, but you might have a neighbor or two who raise a fuss that you’re having it delivered to your door. You can avoid any such situations by just picking a company that’s discreet about their delivery.

4. Reliable. When you order something online, you want it to show up on time and in good condition. The same thing goes for marijuana. Pick a company that you know you can rely on to show up on time and regularly. A great way to figure out which companies are reliable is to read through their reviews online. If you find a bunch of reviews about how they don’t deliver on time, then try and find another company to work with.