A good marijuana bud to smoke is something that no marijuana enthusiast would pass off. However, being an enthusiast of marijuana, different marijuana products can be alluring. Getting to use a variety of these products can create different enjoyable experiences of getting high off marijuana. One of the things that has become popular among enthusiasts is butane honey oil or BHO for short. The product is basically a type of cannabis oil that has a high concentration of THC. Obtaining butane honey oil from the cannabis plant involves extracting it with the use of a BHO Extractor in the process of BHO extraction.

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Basically the process of a butane honey oil extraction involves stripping the resin from the buds of the cannabis plant. Almost all of the THC is contained in this resin which can be a great product to use in order to really get high. The resin from a cannabis plant can be smoked with what cannabis enthusiasts call an oil rig. An oil rig is a special glass pipe that allows smoking the resin easier. There are also cannabis users that simply mix in the resin with their buds when rolling a blunt.

The process of BHO extracting is actually rather a simple process. However, one should know that there are risks and dangers to doing the extraction due to the use of butane gas which is quite flammable. One of the greatest risks of extracting BHO is the risk of starting a fire or a small explosion. This is why it is very important that when using a BHO Extractor and extracting BHO one must make sure to be in an open area with the right protection and emergency procedures just in case.

So to have a better understanding of the process of extracting BHO with a BHO extractor, let’s take a closer look into the process and what materials are used.

  • First the materials and apparatus are gathered. Mainly you will need the BHO extractor including butane gas and the materials which includes the buds you are going to extract from.
  • The buds are then ground into something finer but not too fine and then put into the BHO extractor.
  • The cannabis buds have to be properly set into the BHO extractor and not packed into one area allowing the butane to spread evenly.
  • The butane canister is connected onto the BHO extractor which release butane into the system mixing in with the ground up cannabis buds.
  • After some time, the butane inside the BHO extractor then has to be boiled off. You will know that the boiling is done when no more bubbles are visible.
  • Whatever is left inside is the BHO which is scraped off and then collected. This is the final product for you to use however you like.

Basically that is the process of BHO extraction and using a BHO Extractor. Butane honey oil is fun to use and the experience is quite something thanks to the high levels of THC in the oil.