year, millions of people in the US get engaged. Some of these proposals happen on a beach, while others take place in the mountains. Some people are very creative with their proposals, planning an entire day and sequence of events to make the moment just right. Other people are less so, and they just propose over dinner or in the comfort and safety of their own home. No matter how the proposal and subsequent engagement come about, the one constant are the engagement rings.

It’s a practice that goes back centuries. When a man or a woman asks another man or woman for their hand in marriage, when the person says yes the ring goes on their finger. It’s an old tradition that’s stuck around, perhaps because it’s a rather pleasant one. Once the ring is on your finger, people know that you’re engaged to be married, and it’s always there on your hand for other people to see. Although it might be a little bit outdated at this point, the vast majority of Americans still take part in the tradition. Odds are it’s going to be around as long as humans are walking the face of the earth.

Given that millions of people get engaged every single year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the jewelry industry as a whole is quite large. Not only are they selling millions of engagement rings each year, but jewelers all across the country are also selling necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry. It’s a multibillion dollar industry, and it’s one that’s certainly here to stay. With so many different jewelers scattered across the country, it also shouldn’t be surprising that there are literally thousands of different engagement rings for people to choose from. It’s actually one of the most difficult aspects of asking someone to marry you. Sure, you have to get up the courage to actually ask them, but you also have to figure out which ring they’re going to like the best from all of the options available. Sometimes you can become overwhelmed with all of the choices.

This is one of the reasons why custom engagement rings are so popular. Rather than having to figure out which ring you like the best, you can simply work with a jeweler like The Diamond Reserve to design your own ring. This way, you get to decide how big the stones are, where the stones go, what the style of the ring is, and what the band looks like. You don’t have to pour over magazine after magazine. Instead, you can use your own creativity and the jeweler’s resources to come up with a design all your own.

The other reason why custom engagement rings are so popular is the fact that they’re custom. In other words, no one else on the planet is going to have the same ring. This way, you’re showing the person you love that they’re unique enough to have a one of a kind ring. It says a lot.