The overall healthy existence of human beings owes it to copper, the element which has played a major role in the development of major civilizations around the world. The reddish brown element enables the metabolic process in the body and many other vital functions and processes in the body. It is available in many foods like liver, seafood, beans, whole grains, almonds, barley, beetroot, and lentils. The highest content of copper is found in Oysters in non-vegetarian food and almonds in vegetarian food. Stored food does not contain much copper due to oxidation property of copper. So, fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat should be included in the diet for daily supplementing the copper requirement of the body. Now let us take an objective look at the role it plays in regulating human health.

-Reduces arthritis symptoms – It is naturally anti-inflammatory, and this property helps in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. The best sources of copper are copper charged water. Store water in a copper pot or copper jug overnight and drink water from it in the morning. The water will have copper traces which will help as a daily source of copper to keep your body healthy and also help in reducing joint inflammation a common symptom of arthritis.

-Essential for normal growth and health – It helps in healthy growth of skeletal, nervous and the cardiovascular system which is vital for normal healthy living. The internal organs also require copper to function optimally and hence it should be included in daily diet. The practice of eating almond soaked in the water early in the morning can also act as a supplement for copper intake.

– The color of hair and eyes – With old age, the hair and eyes lose their color. This is due to the copper deficiency in most cases. Melanin the pigment responsible for hair and eye color can be produced by the body only in the presence of an enzyme tyrosinase which is derived from copper. It keeps the integrity of hair follicles and keeps the hair thicker and in its original color. My great grandmother had black hair until the day she lived, and what she did for copper intake? Well, she drank water from her glass which was made of copper. Seems magical, doesn’t it?

– Vital for connective tissue building – Myelin sheath which is a protective sheet around the nerves can be built only in the presence of copper. This sheath keeps the skin healthy and flexible. What does it mean? It means lesser wrinkles and healthy glowing skin. Now that is some beauty tip.

-Elixir for the brain – It is commonly known as brain food due to its nerve stimulating property. It is connected with higher thought processes due to its impact on transporter protein ATP 7A.

-A catalyst for enzymes – It is a co-factor in more than 50 different enzyme productions within our body. These enzymes regulate many functions of our body. Hence copper intake is required for enzyme production which keeps the body running properly. It is just like the electrical fuse in engines, without which all other parts are useless.

-Antipathogenic property – Much has been written and many studies have been conducted on the antimicrobial properties of copper. The copper works in two ways – first strengthening our immune system to enable us to fight off germs and also is a natural killer of certain microbes. This seems to be the reason behind ancient civilizations using large copper pots to store drinking water. The practice has carried on in some of the religious places like temples and Jewish synagogues.

-Reduces LDL Cholesterol- LDL cholesterol branded as the bad cholesterol is responsible for the majority of hearty diseases. Copper removes the cholesterol by breaking down the molecules and it is flushed out easily by the endocrine system.

So, that is the story of copper and how it regulates human health. There are many other ways it helps the body to function properly. But those things are too complex to discuss here. Just buy a copper mugs for drinking water and reap all the above benefits without much investment. Custom Copper Mugs is our copper mugs retailer of choice. They have unbelievable customer service and with a wide variety of available products.