These days’ marijuana and cannabis is growing more and more popular and with more states considering to legalize them, the market would see even more growth in the future. You can find a wide variety of products made from marijuana and cannabis on the shelves of dispensaries today. From dried buds of different strains to edibles and oils. The active compounds in marijuana and cannabis, CBD and THC are the main cause of the effects that people experience when using marijuana or cannabis. Every product created from marijuana and cannabis contains varied concentrations of these compounds depending on the intended effect either medicinal or for a pleasurable experience.

CBD Tincture

cannabis tincture

One of the products in the market are CBD Tinctures. A tincture is basically an extract of something which has been diluted in alcohol. When taken, tinctures are applied underneath your tongue which allows the compounds to enter the bloodstream much quicker resulting in the effects coming sooner than other marijuana products. CBD tinctures are more of a medicinal product rather than something someone would use to get high. CBD tinctures are considered a great product to use but why should you consider using them? Well today we are going to take a look into why you should consider using CBD tinctures.

1.) CBD Tinctures act as a great painkiller – Chronic pains can be debilitating and sometimes traditional pain killers just won’t work. CBD Tinctures offer an alternative way of treating pains. People such as cancer patients who suffer from a lot of pain due to chemotherapy can really benefit from using CBD tinctures to ease the pain. Tinctures act fast so you won’t have to suffer a lot waiting for it to take effect.

2.) CBD Tinctures help give you a boost in appetite – One of the peculiar effects of the compounds of marijuana and cannabis acting on your system is that you will start to feel quite hungry and eat more. Recreational marijuana users call this effect the “munchies”. If you feel like you are not eating well enough, just a drop of CBD can help you out.

3.) CBD Tinctures ease you in stressful situations – Anxiety attacks and being under a lot of stress can be quite uncomfortable and you just wish you could calm down and relax. When you use CBD tinctures the THC will act on your system which helps it to relax and calm down and also helps the release of pleasure hormones.

4.) CBD Tinctures will help you sleep better at night – Not being able to fall asleep at night or having improper rest can sometimes be the result of lack of proper relaxation. Just as CBD tinctures can help calm you down in times of stress it can also help ease your body into sleep allowing you to get some proper sleep at night.

Despite being used in only small dosages CBD Tinctures are quite effective and beneficial. If you suffer from such problems, why not give tinctures a try and find out if it can really solve your woes.