Have you ever found yourself in this situation where you try really hard to find someone the perfect present, you look all around town, you really put a lot of thought and effort into thinking what they would like and yet somehow, even with the best of intentions, you miss the mark and this person you care for so much doesn’t really like what you got them? Yeah, we all have. It’s horrible first of all to feel like someone doesn’t like your gift but it’s even worse when you actually tried really hard and really put a lot of thought into it.

Even though we all know that this is not a pleasant position to be in, we (us ladies or anyone who is on the receiving end of either a proposal or lavish diamond jewelry) expect our partners to be able to pick through millions of options and find that perfect engagement ring or piece of jewelry that we are going to love like nothing else forever and ever. I don’t know any of your partners and so I am not going to make judgments either way about them but I know at least my husband can barely figure out how to put on something that doesn’t have a hole in it before going to work. Why are we trusting these people not only to read our minds when it comes to the kind of engagement ring or piece of diamond jewelry that we want but asking them to read our minds while also being sneaky and not ruining the surprise? This makes no sense to me what so ever and I loudly and publically denounce this backwards way that we look at jewelry and proposals.

Especially when it comes to engagement rings, can we just talk for a second about how an engagement ring is the symbol that from now on, everything you two do will be as a team. Here is the first task, work as a team to make your own customizable engagement ring or diamond jewelry at Cut Fine Jewelers. Don’t make your poor partner fret and freak out about what they are going to buy you, help them out. Look together and tell them this is what I like and this is what I find horrible. Some of you might say it ruins the magic of the surprise but first of all, if someone is proposing, I am guessing the other person at least has a good idea that it’s coming (talking about your future together to make sure you are on the same page is important in relationships, don’t forget that). Also, even if it does ruin the surprise in any way, ruining the surprise once is better than looking at this ring that you hate or even just that you don’t really like for the rest of your life. Speak up, make your side heard, walk out of Cut Fine Jewelers with a wedding band, engagement ring or piece of diamond jewelry that you love and think is perfect. After all, even if you think your partner is perfect, or at least perfect for you, they are still not a mind reader and they deserve to have a partner in this important decision.