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End Impunity for Sexual Violence in Colombia’s Conflict

Women and girls have been targeted for sexual violence by members of all the warring parties in Colombia’s long-running armed conflict. For decades, these crimes have been shrouded in silence. Now, largely thanks to the efforts of Colombian women’s and human rights NGOs, this wall of silence is beginning to crack. The Colombian authorities can and must take decisive action to end sexual violence and impunity for such crimes. This action document includes postcards to be sent to the Colombian authorities.

Bring War Crimes Suspects to Justice Now!

Joseph Kony, Bosco Ntaganda, President Omar al-Bashir and other fugitives are often shielded by powerful supporters and states. The ongoing lack of justice means that most of these fugitives are free to commit more crimes, placing civilians in affected areas at great risk.

Russia: Stop the Bloodshed in Syria

Since mass protests began over a year ago, the Syrian government has responded with brutal force and more than 10,000 people have been killed, including more than 700 children. The UN Security Council has repeatedly failed to take concrete measures to protect the people of Syria, in part due to resistance from Russia.